SpinathonWe are a brotherhood that forges leaders, fosters excellence, and serves as a powerful support system throughout one’s time as an undergraduate and the countless years afterwards.

Our presence on campus is hard to ignore. In recent years, McGill Zetes have held countless top leadership positions in student government (including executives in the SSMU, MUS, SUS, and AUS), prominent campus events (such as Frosh, Carnival, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and 4à7), clubs and charities, and even forged many of our own endeavours. We are among the most philanthropic organizations on campus, already helping raise over a record $23,000 this past year alone.

Today, the McGill chapter is known as one of the strongest in Zeta Psi, achieving the coveted Gold Chapter and  has further taken home the prestigious Comstock Award this past year, largely for our efforts in helping support our fellow Canadian chapters, as well as traveling hundreds of miles on road trips across the continent.

As the first fraternity both in Canada and at McGill (see Chapter History), we have had brothers play substantial roles in the very makeup of our university. Brother Percival Molson, who gave his life in WWI, bequeathed the money needed to build the Molson Stadium. Brothers McKeen and Walker co-founded the McGill Daily, the oldest student newspaper in Canada. Even the infamous Leacock building notably gets its name from Brother Stephen Leacock, a world revered humorist and McGill political science professor. See our Zetes of Distinction page for more information on prominent brothers around the world.

If you’re a passionate, uncompromising, driven, and selfless individual, we’d love to meet and get to know you. Please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch. Be sure to spot the ZΨ letters all over campus (especially at Frosh) and strike up a conversation with one of us. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions on fraternity life at McGill, our chapter, and Zeta Psi as an international organization on a whole.

We look forward to hearing from you,
William Williams
Rush Chair