The Alpha Psi actives participate in philanthropy on a regular basis through its Philanthropy Committee, run by AJ Springer, Teddy Yull and Alessio Marcogliese.

Based on the history of our chapter as well as the fraternity in general, we understand what it means to help and give back to the community. As we continue to grow as a chapter, so do our philanthropic efforts.


This winter several actives participated in the CASCO DECA-DANCE fundraiser under the name BROSAICA. This group of actives undertook several evenings of dance practice under the indstruction of the lovely Andria Campbell. This fundraiser alone raised over $10,000 in ticket sales and donations. The CASCO organization holds various fundraisers to help raise money for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. This year’s theme was the decades. As active philanthropists and talented dancers, the Alpha Psi chapter (McGill University & Concordia University) performed one of the most outstanding and entertaining acts of all time.

Spanning more than a decade, Brosaica is one of Alpha Psi’s longest lasting philanthropic traditions. We look forward to seeing all the brothers at try-outs this upcoming Fall.


This years BROSAICA consisted of: Thomas “Savage” Raymond, Noah Gillard, Bogdan Tanasie, Xavier Fortin, Cedric Spothelfer, Nathaniel Williams, Denzel Mutoko.

Right to Play Spin-a-thon

Over 30 brothers participated in the Right to Play Spin-a-thon. Right to Play is an organization that uses sport and play to empower children to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities. Alpha Psi alone raised over 600$ in donations for the cause. Alpha Psi has had a long tradition of partnering with Right to Play and we look forward to beating last year’s benchmark.

Theta Touchdown

The Alpha Psi Chapter participated in a flag-football tournament that raised money for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) organized by Kappa Alpha Theta. The tournament consisted of a bracket of 8 teams (including Zeta Psi A and Zeta Psi B). Alpha Psi has been dominating this tournament since the days of the legendary connection of Charlie Levy and Brenden McKinney. For the fourth year in a row the final consisted of Zeta Psi A versus Zeta Psi B. It is worth noting that we were all pleasantly surprised with Brother Matthew Lapointe’s play at quarterback. Despite being in midterms, Matthew consistently connected with his receivers and threw 7 touchdown passes.  Come and cheer us on this October as we strive to win a fifth consecutive Theta Touchdown championship all while raising money for a good cause.

Movember Campaign

The Alpha Psi chapter has participated in the Movember campaign for the past several years. In 2018, sporting breathtaking ‘staches of all shapes and sizes, the chapter raised over $14 000 for prostate cancer research and awareness. Over the past 3 years, the Brothers have raised nearly $50 000.

February Madness

This past February, Zeta Psi teamed up with the Right to Play organization to organize the first annual February Madness intra-fraternity soccer tournament. The tournament raised over $1 000 for children in impoverished and war-torn countries to participate in organized athletics. The Alpha Psi Chapter hopes to make this fundraiser into an annual tradition.