The list of brothers who’s bravery and valour from the first and second World Wars extends to this day. It was not without these incredible men that we live with freedom.

“Whether we live together in confidence and cohesion; with more faith and pride in ourselves and less self-doubt and hesitation; strong in the conviction that the destiny of Canada is to unite, not divide; sharing in cooperation, not in separation or in conflict; respecting our past and welcoming our future.” – Lester Pearson

It is for these reasons we remember the incredible brothers who gave their lives for our future.


Hugh Allan
John D. Armour
B.E. Atkins
Edgar P. Black
G.H. Blackader
H.D. Browne
Roland P. Campbell
Fred Fisher
W.V. Garey
Samuel W. Hewetson
Clifton M. Horsey
Murdock M. Laing
F. Travers Lucas
N.M. MacDonald
Benjamin B. McConkey
Hugh McLennan
Percival Molson
Allan M. Oliver
Ralph F.L. Osler
H. Bertram Price
H. Elliot Scott
Alfred T. Shaughnessy
E.G. Shepard
L. de K. Stephens
H. Walter Vallance
C.H.C. Woods
Henry B. Yates


Edwin Ronald Bennett
Henry Harrison Bennett
Massey Williamson Beveridge D.F.C.
Alan Gordon Byers
James Campbell Clouston
Desmond William Ferrell
Lindsay Justin Foss
Hugh Stinson Glassco
Edwin Archer Gerald Hanson
Charles Francis Hart
Peter Rooke Kingston
Patrick Campbell Little
High Dunbar Sutherland Russel
Frederick Edgar Wellington
James Clinton Wheeler
Frederick Ernest Wigle O.B.E. D.S.O.
Alfred Burton Wilkes