The Drought is Finally Over

14494873_990632284380982_6810910685799070336_nThe Alpha Psi chapter had their annual Elder-Active softball game on Sunday the 25th of September. The Elder’s entered the game riding a twenty-three year winning streak and were the obvious favourites. Leading up to the game, the talented Elder roster were heard poking fun at the Actives’ historically poor performance and general lack of athleticism. The Actives expanded their roster with a record turnout of rushes (who mostly struck out). The Actives were able to strike early, scoring five runs in the top of the first inning. The heavily stacked ‘top of the order’ clearly had an immediate effect on the game. The teams then entered into a defensive stalemate; trading three up, three down innings characterized by a number of “dubious” officiating calls. As the number of innings began to mount, so did the pressure. As a result, the Active’s defence began to crumble. It seemed inevitable that the Elders would soon take control of the lead. By the fifth inning their ten-run lead seemed insurmountable. Heading into the sixth, it seemed that for the twenty-fourth consecutive year the Elders would walk away with the win. In what seemed like a miracle, the Actives were able to mount a three run charge in inning. Though it would only set the stage for a truly memorable seventh. After some tampering with injury list, the Actives were looking at the top of their batting order to start the inning. After three base hits, the stage was set for Charles Levy to clear the bases with a grand slam! Three batters later, Theo Chan hit another home run, driving in three more! By the time the dust had settled, the Actives were clinging to a one run lead. In the bottom of the seventh, the Elders ultimately came up short thanks to some much needed defence from the Actives team. It was a game the players and fans won’t soon forget. Both teams congratulated each other in the spirit of sportsmanship and brotherhood. We look forward to next year’s bout.

In Tau Kappa Phi,

Theo Chan