Zete’s Patrick Day 2015

Brothers Gairard, Steinke, Le Sieur, Fairfield Garrow, Parmesan, and Leung.

Hosted by TKO productions, Zete’s Patrick Day is one of the year’s most anticipated events, and this year was nothing less. The ever-increasing number of brothers of Alpha Psi, definitely equated to an even livelier event than the last, as brothers gathered at Gert’s Bar to host the annual Irish Wake for St. Patricks Day. Being one of the most popular events at McGill, meant the bar filled up at 10:00am with a respectable line out the door, for the events entirety. Till the wee hours of the morning, could you find McGill students still going strong to the thumps and beats of our very own brother, and Resident-DJ Stonehouse.

It was not all smiles though as we came together to “mourn the passing” of this years elected Corpse; Brother Adam Li or otherwise known as “Ling Ran.” A loyal and upstanding Brother, Li demonstrated all the virtues of the Alpha Psi Brothers by looking incredible in his suit in the coffin. We will remember him as the lively internationally ranked ball-room dancer who waltzed into our fraternity and reminded us everyday his dedication to excellence and passion for his art-form.

At the end of the day the Irish Wake saw over 1,200 attendees, making it one of the biggest events thrown in Alpha Psi history. We look forward to continuing this success in the future and always providing a great opportunity for our Brothers to “pay their respects” to one of their own. As per usual, a huge shoutout to Gerts Bar, our partner for this much-anticipated event. May we work together in improving and innovating our event for next year.