Alpha Psi attends Tau Theta Anniversary Banquet in Oshawa

At 11:15 on Saturday the 7th of February 5 brothers met at 3505 Lorne to begin the journey of a lifetime to a destination so exclusive that nobody outside of Canada has ever heard of it; Oshawa. After a Zete time adjusted departure at 11:50 our Phi Stephen McGuire, Alpha Phi Jamie Wilson, Brother Drew Allen, Sigma Rho Thomas Kiruoac and Brother Ryan Kates set off on our odyssey. After multiple gas stops, over $100 of A&W and a heated discussion of whether Taylor Swift was ‘real country music’ we arrived in the dirty ‘Shwa ready to attend the Tau Theta 9th anniversary banquet.

We were joined there by Phi Alpha Barth Gillan, Brother Sebastian ‘FTB’ Grutter, elder Brother Brock Clancy, elder Brother Wyatt Hnatiw, elder Brother Chris McGuire and elder Brother Jean-Francois Fournier-Herroux. The brothers thoroughly enjoyed the speeches, particularly that given by elder Brother Gillan and were interested to learn more about Zete for Life from Brother Brigden; an initiative we had never been informed of before. The wine was at dinner was excellent and plentiful and as elder Brother McGuire gave yet more evidence that Post-Phi syndrome is a real issue we were glad to have brought risk-management chair Brother Kiruoac to mitigate any potential damages.

After dinner we took it upon ourselves to meet as many of the Tau Theta brothers as possible, including one elder who had brought his 6 month old daughter to the banquet. We then made a quick pit stop at the Travelodge to refuel and deposit the commemorative hockey pucks we had collected and, ignoring Brother Allen’s preferences on post-dinner activities, we headed over to the Zete house to continue the festivities. The Tau Theta brothers were excellent hosts and gracious losers when it came to the most important of Alpha Psi traditions- the boat race. The Alpha Psi brothers proclaimed ourselves the de facto Zeta Psi Canadian boat race champions; a title we look forward to defending during the upcoming LTIs.

Recently much has been made of the importance of these trips; in terms of building our relationships with other chapters, learning from our brothers and building relationships within our own chapter. This trip was a resounding success, with all three objectives being met and all the brothers present moving a step closer to realising the vision of Brother Bill Comstock.

Once again we would like to congratulate the brothers of the Tau Theta chapter on their continued success over the past decade and thank for them their hospitality, we hope that they are able to take us up on our open invitation for them to come and visit Montreal. The weekend was one that all who were present will remember for a long time to come and we look eagerly look forward to our next trip.

As always in TKPhi,

Brother Wilson