Zete Patrick’s Day

On a brisk beautiful Monday March the 17th, the brothers of Alpha Psi gathered at Gert’s Bar to host the annual Irish Wake for St. Patricks Day. The event was the most popular at McGill, with the bar filling up at 10:00 with the line out the door the entire day and festivities extending into the small hours of the morning. Supplies of green food dye were almost exhausted as pitchers flew out from behind the bar and McGill students celebrated this most sacred of holidays


It was not all smiles though as we came together to “mourn the passing” of this years elected Corpse; James Duncan Carey. A loyal and upstanding Brother, Duncan demonstrated well the virtues of the Alpha Psi Brothers by looking incredible in his suit and falling asleep by 4:00 in the afternoon.


At the end of the day the Irish Wake saw over 1,000 attendees, making it one of the biggest events thrown in Alpha Psi history. We look forward to continuing this success in the future and always providing a great opportunity for our Brothers to “pay their respects” to one of their own.