Make-a-Wish Charity Run



On Sunday the 30th of April, three brave Zetes took part in the McGill Make A Wish Foundation 5K run. They arrived for a 10 am start still feeling cheerful and philanthropic from the previous night’s charity shuffleboard tournament. Two of the runners, unshaken by the fact that nobody else had been told the run was ‘Beach Themed’ and despite it being -5C and snowing, completed the two laps wearing swimming shorts and boat shoes.

Brothers Wilson and Guyard finished the race in a time of 26:10, although it would probably have been faster had they not run in the aforementioned ‘Beach Themed’ attire. Brother Max Gubert finished in third, with a time of, 19:41, only 30 seconds behind the race winner, he would most likely have won if he didn’t have to stop and tie his shoelaces halfway through the second lap.

All in all the brothers who braved the cold enjoyed themselves, represented the fraternity well and raised some money for a good cause.