New Officers

Front row, left to right: Stephen McGuire (Gamma), Marco Peghini (Phi), Paul Soumalias (Alpha Phi). Back row, left to right: John Hopkins-Hills (Delta), Conner Adams (Alpha Sigma), Drew Allen (Sigma), Nic Martin (Sigma Rho).

The Alpha Psi chapter is proud to announce that we have completed this year’s officer elections. The newly elected officers are

Phi (Φ)

Brother Marco Peghini (BBW)

Alpha Phi (AΦ)

Brother Paul Soumalias (BΔΙ)

Gamma (Γ)

Brother Stephen McGuire (BBM)

Sigma (Σ)

Brother Drew Allen (BEA)

Alpha Sigma (AΣ)

Brother Conner Adams (BΓA)

Delta (Δ)

Brother John ‘Mike’ Hopkins-Hills (BBI)

Sigma Rho (ΣP)

Brother Nic Martin (BEΔ)


These gentlemen look forward to continuing to guide the chapter towards success. In addition, we would like to thank outgoing officers Mac Hare, Dillin Sydneysmith, Wyatt Hnatiw, Mathew Tucci, Richard Minzberg, and Gabriel Katzen. Surely the chapter will be better off with the new officers taking over.