Alpha Psi visits Alpha Mu for 75th anniversary banquet.

All brothers, active and elder, in attendance at the 75th Anniversary banquet of the Alpha Mu chapter.

On the weekend of February 7th, brothers from the Alpha Psi chapter travelled to Halifax to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alpha Mu chapter. Alpha Psi and Alpha Mu have developed a very strong relationship which continued to grow stronger this weekend as a total of 12 active Alpha Psi brothers were in attendance. Brothers Hare, Gubert, McGuire, Crosby, Tucci, Sandusky, Levy, Opzoomer, Syndeysmith, Kates, Dutton, and Phi Peghini as well as elder brothers Warren, Waria, and Alpha Phi Alpha Barth Gillan all travelled to Halifax.

While visiting, these brothers had the chance to visit Halifax staples such as the Split Crow pub, Alexander Keith’s brewery, and Pita Pit. We’d like to thank all of the Alpha Mu chapter for a level of hospitality that only Zetes are capable of providing. In particular Phi Mike Greey, who was excited to see that “the boys are back in town”, and Sean Ashton, who felt that the weekend left a lasting impression on him, were extremely welcoming. We look forward to your next visit to Montreal.

For the night of February 8th, the Alpha Mu Zetes hosted a banquet commemorating their 75th anniversary. The banquet was a complete success and the whole Alpha Psi chapter would like to congratulate the Alpha Mu on their continuing success.

Alpha Psi Zetes at the banquet.