Recent Rush Events


Active vs. Elder Softball Game

Fall Rush is upon us again an our chapter is pleased to see so much interest shown in Zeta Psi by new McGill students. We have had many students attend our rush events and we are planning to have a large pledge class for this semester. Two of our more popular events have been the Active vs. Elder Softball Game and the 100th anniversary of Zete Patrick’s Day.  As usual, the Elders won the softball game by a few points due to some serious luck. Hopefully next year the Active team will pull together and be able to beat the underdog elder team.

Our 100th anniversary of Zete Patrick’s Day was also a successful event. As is tradition, the brothers and rushes met at Peel Pub at 11:00AM for some beer and breakfast to celebrate the halfway mark of Saint Patrick’s Day. After a few hours, festivities moved to the fraternity house where we continued to celebrate one of our favourite Irish traditions late into the night.

All of the rush events have been excellent opportunities for the brothers to get to know our potential pledges. We look forward to the next few rush events and the pledge class that will follow this semester.


Zete Patrick’s Day