Alpha Psi on Reading Week: The A-Team

Brothers Karim, Curran, Sydneysmith, Consalvo, Feldman, DiGiulian, and Sawatzky outside 15 S Henry St Pearl River, NY

This past reading week, Brothers Consalvo, Curran, DiGiulian, Feldman, Karim, Sawatzky, and Sydneysmith, spent the week traveling around the East Coast. We began our journey at the Rho Alpha Chapter at MIT following the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. At Rho Alpha, we enjoyed a Habs victory in their movie theatre room at the expense of our New England brothers’ beloved Boston Bruins. From there we packed up and headed south to Zeta Psi International Headquarters in Pearl River where we spent a night with the chapter consultants. Brothers Feldman and Sydneysmith also joined Brother Boisvert for a quick trip down to Rutgers to provide guidance at a Delta Chapter Pledge Meeting. The rest of us were able to witness silver slugger Mike Consalvo lead the Alpha Psi boys to victory in a friendly game of backyard baseball against the IHQ reps.

From there, the boys jumped back in the car and headed down to Washington D.C. for a night at the DiGiulian household. After a couple hours of tunes by “DJ Ragedog,” and several intense games of Risk and Life, we arrived in D.C. and watched a glorious comeback for the ages as the Washington Capitals rallied from a 3-0 first period deficit to defeat the Boston Bruins in Overtime. Needless to say all the Vancouver boys thoroughly enjoyed the second Bruins loss of the week (Yes they’re still bitter from the cup finals two years ago). The following day was spent visiting the sites around D.C. and was highlighted by gallery passes to the United States Senate to experience a live Filibuster. Worn out from monuments and cultural experiences, we packed up and headed out to the Phi Epsilon Chapter at the University of Maryland.

We were greeted by the brothers enjoying the latter half of a “snowy” snow day and immediately knew we were in for a good time. Some of the highlights of our time at Phi Epsilon include sampling REAL American beers, watching John Oliver perform a standup routine, hanging out with the brothers, and catching a rare glimpse of a smile on Brother Consalvo’s face. Special shout out to Brother Phonsie for purchasing Brother Butter a ticket from Stockholm to Helsinki. Unfortunately the flight was cancelled. After two days and three nights at the Phi Epsilon chapter we attempted to get an early start to our long drive back to Montreal but unfortunately were delayed by a “lost” Passport. Future travel warning: when travelling with Brother Sawatzky, force him to check his back pocket before tearing apart the car to look for his missing Passport. With Brother Consalvo enjoying lots of legroom and “DJ Ragedog” pumping the tunes, the car ride back certainly had no shortages in the morale department, and even included a successful undertaking of the “Chicken McNugget Challenge”.

Special thanks to the brothers of the Rho Alpha and Phi Epsilon chapters, the up-and-coming Delta chapter, the IHQ Representatives in Pearl River, and the DiGiulian family for graciously hosting the A-Team Featuring Charlie.