First Bi-Annual Shuffleboard Tournament

shuffleboard 3Antoine Crosby & Hayden Evans

This weekend Alpha Psi organized their first Bi-Annual Shuffleboard Tournament. Over 30 brothers attended to play team shuffleboard on our indoor table constructed by the Beta Beta class. The night provided an excellent opportunity to take a break from studying and to catch up with brothers at the chapter house. The Shuffleboard MVP (Brother Matthew Tucci) scored the most points as an individual in the tournament. Yet due to poor teamwork, his team was knocked out of the tournament early in the night. To everyones surprise, the victors of the evening were Brother Antoine Crosby and Brother Hayden Evans. Antoine and Hayden struggled as the underdogs, yet made their way to the championship round where they defeated Brother Lucas Sawatzky and Pledgeman Alexander Guyard. Everyone in attendance had a memorable time, including Brother Raafy Karim who not only organized the tournament, but was also spotted eating his favourite snack – butter!

Shuffleboard 2Raafy Karim