Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Phi

The Alpha Psi chapter is pleased to recognize Brother Mackenzie Hare as the newly elected Phi.

Brother Hare has been a brother of Zeta Psi since his first semester at McGill and takes over the position of president in his third year at McGill University.

Brother Hare takes over the chapter at its strongest point in recent history, a healthy compliment of 53 actives (including the recently initiated Beta Deltas) and several illustrious awards to our name including the McElroy Order of Excellence and the William A. Comstock Award. The Brothers of Alpha Psi are confident that with Phi Hare at the helm we can extend our current successes into the future.

Congratulations again to Brother Mackenzie Hare, the new Phi of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Zeta Psi Fraternity.