Brosaica Receives Standing Ovation for Fourth Straight Year

Once again, Zeta Psi’s elite dance group, known publically as Brosaica, gave a performance at the annual CASCO charity dance show, that has raised over $10,000 this year for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. After an impressive performance in 2011, Brosaica 4.0 had a tough act to follow, and it can safely be said that their 15 minute routine pulled through, as it impressed the audience of screaming students who called for an encore upon the act’s closing. Their remarkable performance was made only more impressive by the fact that a mere two years ago, the Bull and Bear ridiculed the group’s simultaneous confidence in their roles as entertainers with their acknowledgment of limited dance talent.

This year marked the group’s 4th annual performance at the CASCO show, and the group, trained by Mosaica’s Amara Soullam and her sister Yara Soullam, was sure to both entertain and demonstrate skill. From synchronized group dance moves, to individual dancers demonstrating their swagger to the cult hit, Rack City, to closing the routine by impersonating drag-queens in full female attire, the Broasica group sure held their own in an event featuring a multitude of high-production dance performances. In the middle of the act, Elder Brother Christopher Castellano and Brother Sean Finnell, who also acted as the show’s Masters of Ceremony, performed a duet latin-pop salsa to the lively tune of Ricky Martin’s she bangs.

Special thanks to Brothers Sean Finnell, Maximillian Gubert, Lucas Sawatzky, Dan Fussman, Andrei Dan, Enis Gezmez, Kyle Gardner, Gabe Katzen, and Elder Brother Christopher Castellano for putting on a great performance. Your efforts surely paid off. We can only wait for Brosaica 5.0.