Another Successful Christmas Dinner

On Saturday December 1st, the Brothers of Alpha Psi and several lovely ladies gathered in the SSMU ballroom for our Annual Christmas Dinner.

The dinner, prepared by the brothers of Alpha Psi was presided over by Head Chef Brother Duncan Carey and his Sous-Chef Brother Michael Szpejda, and besides some turkey drippings spilled on a pair of Khakis the dinner was a rousing success.

After dinner we were treated to dessert prepared by the ladies in attendance, but the true main event for the evening was the musical stylings of Brothers Tucci, Shiu and McGuire who provided us with stirring renditions of Country Roads, Wagon Wheel and as always, Piano Man.

The dinner provided great opportunity for the brothers to get together one last time before exams and the end of semester and we look forward to continuing this tradition going forward.