Toronto Commemoration Weekend

It was with eager anticipation that members of the Alpha Psi chapter headed down the St. Lawrence to the fine city of Toronto, Ontario to visit their brothers of the Theta Xi chapter.  In what can only be described as a fantastic event, the Toronto Commemoration weekend saw the Theta Xi chapter install 12 new brothers in Tau Kappa Phi.  Lucky enough for the Alpha Psi brothers, the two Great Canadian Commemorations fell on separate weekends for the first time in 5 years which allowed for a baker’s dozen of Alpha Psi Brothers to make the trek.

The weekend began with a festive Friday event hosted by none other than current Canadian Educational Foundation President Corey Nicholson at his home in Toronto.  There, Alpha Psi Zetes were able to congregate with many a Theta Xi Elder as tall tales were told and stories shared.  The night, of course, was still young at the closure of the event and the Alpha Psi Brothers headed to the Toronto house for a spirited rally.  Although the exact details of the evening cannot be confirmed by this author due to his training for a certain January competition, it was later confirmed that the Alpha Psi brothers comported themselves in a manner that can only be summarized as uncompromising yet welcoming.  The evening came to a close for all Alpha Psi Brothers when Phi McGuire and Elder Brother Clancy finished off breakfast at 7:30am and headed to bed.

On Saturday, all Alpha Psi Brothers awoke with anticipation of the night to come.  By 6pm (~ish) all of the 12 Alpha Psi Brothers were at the Theta Xi House at their Elder Meeting for a raucous occasion.  Fine bottles of Steam Whistle were made available as one of the more elderly pre-drinks that this brother has ever attended began.  By 7:30pm the group was ushered to the York Club where the room was full with well over 125 brothers in attendance.  The food served was excellent, the banter was kept to a full throttle and the wine was definitely flowing over the course of the 2.5 hour meal.  Undoubtedly, the Alpha Psi Brothers will fondly remember their time at the York Club as one of the best Zete Events they have all ever attended.  It would be foolhardy of me to not report of a typical indiscretion with a particular waitress at the event but once again, as a journalist, it is only my duty to report on these rumors, not to prove them!  With the end of dinner came a trip back to the House for a final rally at the Theta Xi House.  Without a doubt it was a boisterous occasion where good conversations were had, friendships were made and even planning of a particular COW event occurred.  In all, it must be said that the Theta Xi brothers have a firm understanding of how to host visiting brothers as a good time was enjoyed by all.

Special thanks goes to Corey Nicholson for hosting us on Friday night and also Elder Phi Roy Chau for running such a smooth weekend.

We look forward to seeing you all in the months and years to come.  It is always a pleasure to enter the hallowed halls of the Theta Xi chapter.