Annual Alpha Psi Commemoration Dinner

Alpha Psi’s Annual Commemoration Dinner never fails to impress. Last weekend, the Montreal chapter again celebrated the event at the prestigious Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. All together, a sellout event of 130 Zetes filled the halls of The Black Watch, making it the most highly attended Commemoration Dinner since the chapter’s re-activation in 1979. The entire active chapter was joined by numerous elders in attendance. Alpha Psi also welcomed fellow Zetes from the Iota Omicron Chapter at Oxford, and the Tau Theta Chapter at UOIT in Oshawa. Many Zete dignitaries were also in attendance, including our Phi Alpha Andrew Nunez, Executive Director (and former Phi Alpha) David Hunter, former Phi Alpha (and Executive Director) Gregory McElroy, Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada President Corey Nicholson, and IHQ staff members Sim Brigden, Tyler Boisvert and Sims McGrath. Although they have IHQ associations as well, Brothers Brock Clancy and Barth Gillan were firmly wearing their Alpha Psi hats that night.

As Commemoration Dinner falls close to Remembrance Day, it is always significant to honour the past Zetes who gave their lives in times of war. Adorning each blazer was a red and black poppy, and a brief moment of silence was observed to remember those men, out of gratitude for their courageous sacrifice. Newly initiated Brother Bryn Bowen unerringly recited “In Flander’s Fields,” composed by Brother Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. John Alexander McRae. In a most appropriate display of homage, active Brothers Duncan Carey and Richard Minzberg delivered a fine presentation on two Zetes who were engaged in wartime efforts: Brother Lieutenant Halkett Woods and Brother Squadron Leader Massey Beveridge. Their research is appreciated, and will be archived.

In true Zete fashion, the evening transitioned into an after-party of swanky festivities – cigars, poker, ladies and dancing – at the exclusive Montreal Rackets Club nearby. Elder Brother Joseph Stonehouse delivered another stellar performance from the DJ booth as his signature sounds electrified the dance floor yet again.

The grandeur, elegance and joviality of the evening were certainly not lost on the Zetes, in particular the newly initiated Alpha Psi class, whose first night as brothers will long live in memory. The active chapter wishes to extend many thanks to the Elders who came out and looks forward to hosting them again at future events.