Colour Run Success!

On this Thanksgiving’s bitter cold morning, 3 Brothers of the Alpha Psi chapter braved the frigid air to run in this year’s ColorMeRad Montreal 5 kilometer race held at the Olympic Parc grounds. ColorMeRad tours North America’s cities, organizing a short run where participants get dusted in multi-colored powdered paint to benefit a local charity. This year’s Montreal race was in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

As Brothers Consalvo, Finnell, and Katzen ran through the streets, they were color-bombed by volunteers standing off to the sides, creating a mosaic of vibrant colors over their entire bodies. By the race’s end, they were covered head to toe in the powdered paint and hung around to enjoy the atmosphere and festivities that were taking place at the foot of the Olympic Stadium.

The Brothers are looking forward in anticipation for next year’s race, and hope that more brothers will join them in getting RAD.