Montreal Marathon

Yesterday we were blessed with what would be conceived as being the perfect running conditions – and what a perfect day for running it was!

Four brothers went out to support our very own Brother Gubert run his first ever Marathon. As we stood at the 42km mark with only 400m to go we saw our athletic brother breeze by with what could only be described as a gazelle-like elegance to compliment his huge smile and look of determination.

Brother Gubert finished with a great time of 3:29:20 – 40 seconds below his target! This has opened a huge window of goals and ambitions for Brother Gubert and having caught the running bug, he is already setting his eyes upon some upcoming marathons. Additionally, he has also expressed an interest in pursuing a long-term goal of completing an ultramarathon (courses which run longer than a traditional marathon and have historically taken place in some of the world’s harshest terrains).

We are all very proud of Brother Gubert and follow his progress with great support and anticipation as well as hoping to see some of his great athleticism and work ethic rub-off on the chapter.