Annual Active-Elder Softball Game

Some say its hard not to be romantic about baseball. The history, the statistics, the moments of greatness, and the crowd is what makes America’s favourite past time the stuff of legends. I would beg to differ.
On September 22, 2012 the Actives of Alpha Psi met up with our Elders for the annual softball game, and romantic it was not. Aside from the beer drinking and general camaraderie of a good ol’fashioned ball game, the actives were battling it out in the wet, dirty trenches of a Westmount baseball diamond. The weather was horrible, and our rushes softball abilities were even worse. The history of this prestigious match is decidedly one-sided: the actives have never won a single match. The statistics are overwhelming: we are lucky to hit an RBI. The moments of greatness only exist when Brother Andrew Grassby is on the field, whose un-inspiring stature seemingly defies all athletic law crossing the entire outfield to catch (almost) every pop-fly in spectacular fashion. At one point a glimpse of victory was seen when the actives scored 11 runs in one inning, a miraculous feat never before been accomplished. But the Elders pulled away to finish out the game 25-18.
After the humiliation and all the warm Coors finished, the two opposing sides convened at Brother Minzberg’s residence, who graciously opened his doors to host a barbeque to finish out the day. The Alpha Psi chapter would like to thank Brother Minzberg and his family for their hospitality and the Elders for slogging it out in the rain with us. Despite the defeat, the annual softball game is always a fun and entertaining time, and, of course, there is always next year.