Zeta Psi’s 165th Annual Convention

It was with great anticipation that the Alpha Psi brothers of the Zeta Psi Fraternity Inc. headed down to the San Francisco Bay Area for Zeta Psi’s 165th annual Convention.  The event, which was organized by the Iota Chapter of UC Berkley and Convention Chairmen David Hunter and Tyler Boisvert went from August 15th-19th, 2012.  Special thanks must go to all organizers this year as the event ran incredibly smoothly and all of the Alpha Psi brothers greatly appreciated the hard work that the Convention committee made.  Without a doubt, the Convention was a good springboard to the start of the new school year and one that was enjoyed by all brothers that attended.

Due to the distance factor, this year only saw five Alpha Psi Zetes attend but they definitely made their presence felt over the weekend.  Active Brother’s Christopher McGuire and David Fortin were joined by the Elder threesome of Barth Gillan, Carter Brown and Brock Clancy in what can only be described as an imposing group of Alpha Psi Zetes.  Over the four days of Convention the Alpha Psi brothers were able to enjoy the sites of San Francisco, the company of brothers from other chapters and the experience that Convention has to offer.

At Convention, the Alpha Psi chapter was rewarded for its many successes both individually and as a chapter during the course of the 2011-2012 academic year.  Accolades were bestowed upon the chapter showing that it has become one of Zeta Psi’s elite chapters, a movement in the right direction for the chapter.  This year’s commendations included:

  • Active Phi Christopher McGuire, was a double honoree as he was awarded one of five Phi Alpha’s Awards in recognition of his outstanding efforts in the chapter in the past year as well as being elected as the Undergraduate Representative to the Board for the 2012-2013 academic year
  • Elder Brother Barth Gillan was elected to become Alpha Phi Alpha of the Fraternity and also the Vice-President of the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation
  • Elder Brother Brock Clancy was asked to continue in his role as Chapter Leadership Consultant
  • Silver Chapter Ritual Award – recognizing the great efforts made by the chapter in having 16 brothers write and pass the Ritual Exam in the past year with either a Gold or Silver Escutcheon
  • Theta Cup – was awarded to the chapter in recognition of them being elected by their fellow Canadian Chapters as the top Canadian chapter in Zeta Psi last year
  • John Birchfield Communication Award – was awarded to the chapter in recognition of their website and communications work
  • McElroy Order of Excellence – was awarded to the chapter in recognition of them receiving their third Gold Chapter Award in a row recognizing the chapter as one of Zeta Psi’s strongest entities
  • The William A. Comstock Award – the top honor in the fraternity, was bestowed upon the chapter in recognition of the great efforts made by the chapter in hosting an LTI, playing a pivotal role in the reactivation of the Alpha Mu Chapter and the various road trips the chapter took part in last year visiting their brothers across all of North America and the British Isles

As one can see, the Alpha Psi chapter experienced a great many accolades during the past year and the chapter is very excited about the prospect of carrying over that success to the coming year.  The brothers of Alpha Psi look forward to seeing the friends they made at Convention in the year to come and once again thank all of their brothers for making Zeta Psi the best fraternity to be a part of in the world today!

Always in Tau Kappa Phi,

The Brothers of the Alpha Psi Chapter of Zeta Psi Fraternity Inc at McGill University.