Zeta Psi Founder’s Day Banquet Celebration

On June 2nd, 2012, 12 brothers from the Alpha Psi chapter had the distinct honour of travelling down to the Princeton Club in New York City to attend the Zeta Psi Founder’s Day Banquet.  The function, hosted by the New York Regional Alumni Club (NYRAC) of Zeta Psi, saw 126 Zetes from over 20 chapters attend in what was a truly festive occasion.  The dinner, which was once a long-standing part of Zeta Psi, was the first of its kind in over 30 years and stood to commemorate the great strides the fraternity has taken over the years.  It began with an Invocation from Father Edmund Luciano (Nu Sigma 2005) and was clearly enjoyed by all those in attendance. The NYRAC commemorated five members of Zeta Psi’s history into the Circle of Honor including, most notably, Brother John Bradt Yates Sommers and Brother Gregory McElroy. Gregory McElroy, being the only living member of the group and a past Executive Director and Phi Alpha, delivered a fantastic speech commemorating some of his more memorable moments of being a Zete and also helped to introduce a few of the other inductees.  Interestingly enough, the Princeton Club is the old office where Zeta Psi used to be headquartered and the dinner occurred across the street from where Brother Summers first began his plans for the expansion of our fine fraternity.  In a night that obviously did not end with the closing of dinner, the Alpha Psi brothers then had the opportunity to descend upon New York City with their brothers from other chapters.  Rumour has it that there was not any trouble from the evening, although we’ll be sure to check in with the locals in about 9 months to be sure!  The following Alpha Psi brother’s were able to attend the event:

Active Brothers: Christopher McGuire (AΨ 2013), Adam Duffy-Fagan (AΨ 2013), Daniel Scott (AΨ 2013), John Charles DiGiulian (AΨ 2014), James Duncan Carey (AΨ 2014), Sean Finnel (AΨ 2015), , Nicholas DiGiorgio (AΨ 2015)

Elder Brothers: Brock Clancy (AΨ 2010), Dave Fortin (AΨ 2012), Ryan Mead (AΨ 2012), Jeffrey Mead (AY 2012), Ilias Tsangaris (AΨ 2012)

The Alpha Psi brothers in attendance take time to pose for a photo

Special thanks must be given to the organizing committee for the evening, Brothers Stephen Halperin (Beta Tau 1984), Mitchell Cooper (Nu 2006), and Alexander Sharif (Phi 2009) as well as the host for the evening Brother Jay Rothberg (Delta Chi 1969), for bringing this event back to Zeta Psi.  Also, we would like to note that the brothers of Alpha Psi look forward to attending this event in the years to come and will most certainly be in attendance next year!