Congratulations to the 12 new Elder Brothers!

Congratulations to all the brothers who have left our Active Alpha Psi Chapter to join the Elder Chapter. We are truly proud of all 12 of you and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for this chapter. It is amazing what this group was able to accomplish! Most of you saw the chapter when we consisted of 12 members… and look at where we are today. Again, congratulations to the following 12 Brothers:

  • Zachary Bell
  • Ozgur Demirtas
  • Edward Drew
  • Ricky Muller-Moran
  • Jeffrey Mead
  • Ryan Mead
  • Ilias Tsangaris
  • Dave Fortin
  • Graham Litman
  • Pierre Lapaine
  • Julian “Dikembe” Galiano-Celestino
  • Maximillian Adelson

We look forward to seeing you in the future. TKΦ!