Zetes Clinch Five Executive Positions Next Year

The Alpha Psi chapter is poised to take an unprecedented position in campus leadership this coming year.

After a landslide election victory, Brother Briggs is set to take the stage as the Vice President of Finance & Operations of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) this coming May – representing the second time in three years that a Zete will have held this powerful position. He will be responsible for a $3.5 million operating budget and $2.5 million investment portfolio, as well as take charge of operations such as the campus bar, the student-run cafeteria, and mini courses.

Brother Szpejda, who will be taking on the role of Vice President of Internal Affairs after handily beating an unprecedented six other candidates, will be joining Brother Briggs in the SSMU Executive. The VP Internal is primarily responsible for organizing campus-wide events such as Orientation (Frosh), Faculty Olympics, and Homecoming, as well as facilitating communication between the SSMU, the school’s Administration, various faculty associations, and the student body on a whole.

Both these influential positions were brought upon through massive efforts in campus-wide campaigning by all the brothers, particularly Brothers Finnell & Mead who served as Campaign Managers. Brother Fortin and Elder Brother Drew also played an instrumental role in helping formulate their campaign platforms and strategy. These efforts were also instrumental in clinching a victory for incoming SSMU President Josh Redel, who won by a mere 24 votes after garnering widespread support from the brothers.

Outside of the SSMU, brothers are also clinching leadership positions within their respective faculty associations. Brother Farnan – our current Philanthropy Chair – beat out his opponent in a 10 percent lead to be successfully elected as the Vice President of External Affairs for the Arts Undergraduate Society (the largest faculty association on campus), with a platform largely revolving around philanthropic efforts.

Brother Shiu was elected to the Board of Directors of the Management Undergraduate Society (MUS) as its Math & Statistics Representative. Brother Grassby was appointed as the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the MUS, and will be responsible for overseeing areas such as clubs, sustainability efforts, elections, technology, and room bookings in the Faculty of Management.

All told, it is clear that Zeta Psi has never before seen such a successful elections sweep –Zete candidates in the running for various elections were all elected to their respective positions. The breadth and depth of our involvement has never been so strong (a position that will only strengthen as Brothers continue to apply for leadership positions in various clubs, charities, and events for next year), proving that despite our phenomenal growth in recent years, we have far from sacrificed in quality.