Alpha Psi Hosts LTIs

On March 3rd, Alpha Psi had the honor of hosting a Leadership Training Institute for the Zeta Psi fraternity. Attending, were brothers from Theta Xi, Theta Eta, Theta Psi, Tau Theta, Psi Epsilon, and the Alpha Mu and Gamma chapters—respectively, University of Toronto, Brock University, Queens University, Ontario Institute of Technology, Dartmouth University, Dalhousie University, and Syracuse University. The weekend gave brothers from these chapters a chance to become better acquainted with one another, experience Montreal’s fine amenities, and learn from the enlightening speakers during the day. These speakers included Elder Brothers James Madon, Andrew Richards, Christopher Castellano, and Wayne Burke. Some of the topics covered were how to present one’s self on the internet to future employers, how to get ahead in the world by being ambitious and motivated, and a colorful variety of manly skills deemed necessary knowledge for any Zete, presented by brother Castellano. The one active speaker, Alpha Psi Brother Sean Finell, presented his new website, ZeteBook. ZeteBook is a social media platform designed to facilitate inter-chapter communication, while being more exclusive and secure than other social media platforms. It is scheduled to be up and running by this summer. All and all, the Montreal LTIs were a huge success. Alpha Psi would like to thank all the visiting brothers for their attendance, as well as give a special thanks to our speakers.