75th Annual Ski Trip

During the weekend of January 27-29, over 40 participants embarked upon an unforgettable journey: The 75th Annual TKO Productions Ski Trip. The trip ran by TKO Productions lived up to its highly hyped reputation as one of the top student-run ski trips. The five plus hour bus ride up to Mount Sainte-Anne was indeed long, but fun was to be had on the bus. With over half the trip surviving the first night, and making it to the ski hill, great conditions and short wait lines led to an all-round great ski day. Congratulations to the famed Beer Pong Tournament winners Brothers Hare and Tucci. The Brothers would like to thank TKO Productions for such an amazing weekend, as well as all the participants of this fantastic trip. Alpha Psi is looking forward to the bigger and better 76th Annual TKO Ski Trip. Do us proud TKO Productions!