A Successful Movember

With the month of “Movember” coming to an end, the Alpha Psi Chapter would like to thank everyone that supported their efforts to raise awareness for prostate cancer. First of all, it is amazing to note that Canada was the No. 1 fundraiser in the world, with a staggering $37 million from 245,000 registered participants, an increase from $22.3 million last year. We are also proud to note that the Alpha Psi Chapter did its part by raising a whopping $1,052 over the month! The chapter ended the month with 42 manly ‘staches, showcasing them at Management Hype Week, the ‘CASCO: Night at the Movies’ dance show, the Movember Apartment Crawl, and many more events. Alpha Psi’s efforts are seen as the most successful on campus out of any other greek letter organization! But unfortunately with Movember finished for another year, all those moustaches, grown in the name of prostate cancer awareness and fundraising, await their fate. We look forward to next ‘Movember’, where we hope to raise more money, and raise more awareness!

The chapter award for the Best Moustache goes to Brother Dan Conacher with overwhelming support from the chapter.

The worst attempt at a moustache award going to Brother Emerson Shiu (despite starting 1 year early), with Brother Max Adelson as an honorable mention. But as Brother Katzen has stated, “its not the size that matters its how you use it.”