Brosaica 3.0 @ CASCO: Night At The Movies 2011

On November 18, 2011, Brosaica had its third performance at the CASCO: A Night at The Movies fundraiser. The dance show fundraiser was held at the Telus Theatre in Montreal, Canada, with all proceeds from ticket sales and raffles going towards the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Brosaica was founded in 2009 almost by pure accident. One night, a young and beautiful dancer from McGill University’s Mosaica Dance Company discovered a number of Zetes performing in a dance-off at a local club in Montreal. Upon seeing some of the studliest moves including the moonwalk, the fist pump, the percolator and some more fist pumps, she quickly recruited these men to be a part of what would become one of the greatest dance crew’s in Canadian history.

Brosaica 3.0 consisted of Brothers Brian Farnan, Joseph Feldman, Max Gubert, Julian Galiano Celestino, Eddy Drew, Lucas Sawatzky, Steven Curran, Logan Yergens, Michael Szpejda, and Dan Fussman, and their three Mosaica coaches Eric Eloffsen, Natalie Mazzaferro, and Amara Salloum.

In Brosaica’s third performance, the crowd could NOT stop cheering. As opposed to the previous year’s performance, this particular number featured a blend of cheeky theatrics with well-renowned dance moves. Many spectator’s confirmed that Brosaica “stole the show” and had the “best performance.” In addition, their moustaches had their 15 seconds of fame and are now widely recognized on campus as some of the most innovative Movember staches.

The Alpha Psi Chapter was involved in CASCO on many other levels besides Brosaica. Brother Chase Potter and Elder Brother Mehmet Shah MC’ed the evening and kept the audience entertained with their charming moustaches and cunning sense of humour. In addition, actives and elders came to support their brothers and the charity. When including brothers in attendance and the many guests invited by Brosaica, the Alpha Psi chapter alone raised close to $600 in ticket sales.

Special Thanks to Manuella Djuric for the video and Michaela Hirsh for the photo.