Second Annual Zete Patrick’s Day a Success!

The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and leprechauns everywhere were rejoicing as we celebrated our Second Annual Zete Patrick’s Day. Presented by Elder Brother Brock Clancy, we awoke in the early hours of the morning to embark on the journey to Peel Pub. Overwhelming the staff of the establishment, who for some reason were not celebrating the holiday, we arrived in strong numbers and claimed our position in the VIP section.

Starting off with large portions of eggs, potatoes, and delicious green fluids, the event was a huge success. A mix of new brothers, older brothers, and rushes discussed politics, literature, and the intricacies of Latin and Greek (POSSIBLE FABRICATION). As the morning rolled into afternoon, we decided to partake in a round of golf. Unfortunately our reservation at the Royal Montreal Golf Club fell through, but luckily the kind people at Peel allowed us extend our stay for a quick 9 holes. The foursome led by Brother Farnan showed off their well practiced strokes and won the short tournament, while Brothers Feldman and DiGiulian surprised the field by not finishing at the bottom.

After an intellectually stimulating morning, we retired to the Chapter House to engage in some relaxation before another evening on the town. A perfect end to another Zeta Psi event.