Successful 164th Zeta Psi Convention

With the 164th Annual Zeta Psi International Convention coming to an end on Sunday, August 21st, 2011, the Alpha Psi chapter leaves one step closer to their ultimate year end goal. The Convention was a huge success on many levels. To start, there were 12 Alpha Psi actives and 10 elders attended, which made for an incredible experience for all those in attendance, and made a lasting impression on those who were experiencing their first Convention. It is safe to say that every active brother returned home with several new friends, memories, and a strong outlook of the Alpha Psi chapter’s future. To top it all off, Alpha Psi was awarded our second Gold Chapter award in a row, which served as a great ending to a wonderful weekend! It marks the end of one year, and the beginning of the next.  Over the coming year, our chapter is looking forward to developing our relations with brothers all over not only North America, but the world.  With new chapters being opened every year, we look forward to the opportunity to bond with our brothers and truly exemplify the Vision laid out by Bill Comstock many years ago.

Actives in Attendance:

Brothers Eddy Drew, Joseph Feldman, Dan Fussman, Graham Litman, Steve Curran, Pierre Lapaine, Charlie DiGiulian, Adam Duffy-Fagan, Ozgur Demirtas, Ilias Tsangaris, Hayden Evans, and Stefan Brokopetz.

Elders in Attendance:

Brothers Nick Drew, Brock Clancy, Charlie Madon, Todd Jenkins, J.F Fournier-Heroux, Corey McCormick, Barth Gillan, Andrew Richards, Greg Randolph, and Mehmet Shah.