Zete Outing at Dorney Amusement Park

On Tuesday, August 17th, brothers Charlie DiGiulian, Joseph Feldman, Dan Fussman, Stefan Prokopetz, and ‘the Swede’ (Hayden Evans) kicked off convention weekend by taking a road trip to Dorney Amusement Park in Northern Pennsylvania. The brothers decided to have a day of fun out in the sun before attending a week of LTI’s and formal events. Despite the day commencing with a 2 hour drive due to a malfunction with the GPS (in a car with no air conditioning), every brother… well almost every brother had an amazing time. As a group, the brothers rode every roller coaster at the park.

Shout out to Brother Prokopetz for overcoming exhibiting his fear of heights and high speeds by riding the biggest roller coaster at the park, Steel Force (see picture above).