Welcome to the Official ΑΨ Website

Hello and welcome to the 2011 Official Alpha Psi Zeta Psi Website. This is your source for all events, news, stories and photos that we don’t publish on Facebook. The website will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that those interested in the fraternity are always up to date with what our chapter is doing.

Below you will find the names of the newly initiated brothers for the 2010-2011 school year.

Alpha Omega and Beta Alpha Classes

We had an incredible turnout from rush in both the Fall and Winter semesters. The latest brothers added to our chapter are the following:

Alpha Omega Class (Fall 2010)

  1. Dylan Sydneysmith
  2. Hayden Evans
  3. Daniel Conacher
  4. James Opzoomer
  5. Charlie DiGiulian
  6. Stefan Brokopetz
  7. Mac O’Hare
  8. Peter Humes
  9. Ricky Diesel Broran

This class consisted of some of the most extraordinary guys from all over the world. Our chapter has greatly benefited from the enrollment of the Alpha Omega class. Be sure to check out the Actives Page for profiles and information on the pledge classes.

Beta Alpha Class (Winter 2011)

  1. Joseph Feldman
  2. Michael Szpejda
  3. Logan Yergens
  4. Max Gubert

Although the Beta Alpha class was smaller than most pledge classes we have seen, the dedication from these brothers are unprecedented in all aspects. Say hello to the Beta Alpha Class.

Here is a photo of the Alpha Psi Chapter at our 2010 Commemoration Dinner, with the new Alpha Omega Class.

Back Row: Peter Humes, Nick Drew, Graham Litman, Dikembe Galiano Celestino, James Opzoomer, Dan Fussman, Mac Hare, Edoardo Rossi.

Third Row: Dan Conacher. Max Adelson, Hayden Evans, Dave Fortin, Ricky Diesel, Ilias Tsangaris, Ryan Mead, Lucas Sawatzky, Zac Bell, Dylan Dydneysmith

Second Row: Drew Grassby, Charlie DiGiulian, Stefan Brokopetz, Emerson Shiu, Brian Farnan, Steve Curran, Chase Potter, Eddy Drew, Greg Randolph

Front Row: Ozgur Demirtas, Mehmet Shah, Adam Weryha, J-F Fournier Heroux, Chris McGuire, Pierre Lapaine, Adam Duffy Fagan