Summer Work in Calgary (The Wolf Pack of ZΨ)

This past summer, Elder Brother Wayne Burke provided active AΨ Brothers Eddy Drew, Brian Farnan, Drew Grassby, Steven Curran, and Dan Conacher with the opportunity to work at his sales office in Calgary, Alberta. The summer began with Wayne providing the boys with access to a car, and giving them the opportunity to work in sales all summer.

The brothers worked hard all summer, and most importantly played hard. They practiced the art of door to door sales, learning a lot during the process. Overall, the summer has been deemed a success so far, as the experience of working door-to-door sales has been invaluable, benefitting the brothers both personally and professionally.

Brothers Drew, Grassby, Farnan, Curran, and Conacher would like to thank Elder Brother Wayne for providing them with the opportunity of a lifetime this summer!

With the summer winding down, the pack prepares itself to meet up with the rest of the AΨ brothers for the 164th Annual Zeta Psi International Convention in New York City.